Future of this site/ Audio files and scores from ‘Ceremony of Colours’

WordPress charge quite heavily for the right to post audio files so I am going to explore SoundCloud.  If and when I have an active account there I will migrate from here some of my better pieces.  I will not post future music here.

Not sure if audio files will be deleted once my 10Gb upgrade payment lapses, but in case useful, here are audio files (without words) and pdf versions of scores for the three choral/ vocal pieces I have recently composed:

Work in progress from ‘Ceremony of Colours’, due for possible performance on March 3rd 2018 in West Bridgford, Nottingham

Consumimur SSATB:

Consumimur d – Full Score

Daffodils SSATB, piano

Daffodils j – Full Score

Violets (soprano solo, cor anglais, viola)

Violets a – Score and parts

I am hanging on to the domain chadatom.com for the time being as this ties in with my Twitter moniker @chadatom and this could be helpful for posting any political content.