Exhibitions & Books, Notes, Part 1

Too much time in the kitchen (department)

“Rimsky-Korsakov said with truth that love of percussion is the besetting sin of the budding orchestrator … with regard to the percussion instruments of indefinite pitch, one should be extremely sparing in their use”  

from Orchestral Technique A manual for students, Gordon Jacob, 3rd edition 1982 OUP (reprinted 2004, paperback), p69

“It has been said with much wisdom that the effect of the cymbal clash is in inverse proportion to its frequency”… “… for sheer genius in economy one of the most famous triangle solos in the repertoire is Richard Strauss’s favourite: the single stroke in the entire second act of Siegfried, occurring near the very end”  

from Anatomy of the Orchestra, Norman Del Mar, Faber and Faber (2009)ISBN 978-0-571-25099-8 pp 390, 392