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A Carol for 2016

This is my first ‘published’ piece since finishing the coursework and assignments for the OCA Course Music Composition, module 1

Here is a carol for one female and two male voices and piano.  Ideally voices are soprano, high baritone (or low tenor) and bass.  In keeping with the events of 2016 so far it’s rather sombre and agnostic.

Following initial feedback that some would be so dissonant to be hard to sing, I have modified bars 5 and 6 to the version shown here and made just the piano part keep the harsh discords.  The rhythm of the ending is slightly different and there is now a three-quarters flat where previously I had written a single-quarter-flat in error.


Large print


Smaller print fits on two page spread


Audio recording  from Sibelius, hence no words

If anyone wants to perform this please just let me know; I would welcome constructive feedback