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Timbral tumbril toccata for oboe xylophone and tenor drum

OCA music composition module 1 Project 6 exercise 47D

This is, for once, programme music with homage to Berlioz following ‘Symphonie Fantastique’

The xylophone represents the farm cart (possibly a spectral and skeletal one made in bones), the oboe the keening relatives, the tenor drum the revolutionary guards and at the end, you hear the guillotine and its result.

This is a sort of counterpoint though the oboe tune tends to pick a note from the relentless xylophone toccata.  This will be so fast that the ear does not easily perceive individual notes.

If even playable, this will admittedly not be easy…I fully expect a squawk from the oboe at the end and possible squeaks around the highest notes.  These days xylophone players seem to use four sticks but I imagine the problem in using them at this speed, or close to it, will be achieving an equal spacing of notes.

Audio (WAV file generated by Sibelius)

Score as PDF


Timbral tumbril toccata for xylophone and oboe a – Full Score





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