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Trumpet and trombone in Mixolydian mode

Free 10 bar counterpoint for any combination of instruments: Project 11 example 47C

Here I intended to write for trumpet and horn in F but finding the horn part rather high, changed to trombone which seems to match better.  The only real problem in this quite conventional piece is working out which key it is in!  At first I scored in A flat major but after a few listenings, it seems to end on an imperfect cadence hence feels in D flat major but in the Mixolydian mode, i.e. the piece is centred (starting and finishing) on the dominant A flat but has frequent G flats; more frequently since I edited the last two to make this firmly in the Mixolydian.

The parts are marked ‘nobilmente’ even though the 3/2 time signature traditionally (in baroque times) is used to imply quite a slow tempo.

Next step is to study some modes more thoroughly, and possible quartal harmony ready to write something for xylophones (each with two mallets) in the example 47D.  This may be useful preparation for the longer assignment 4 in due course.

EX 47C noble trumpet and trombone completed – Full Score





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