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Project 11 Examples 47A and B

Inventing free counterpoint

This little example in both free counterpoint and free thythm required adding a second part.  I used tuned percussion and the decay of the notes allows more dissonant voicing than would be pleasant with sustained notes.  Essentially the two parts each contribute alternately to a single line in the central part of the bar where the top line is holding for more than crotchet at a time:

Audio file with marimba and xylophone voicing


PDF of the score

Ex 47A free counterpoint free metre add second part – Full Score

Here is just the audio file of a second example where I made the supplied bass line a bassoon part and added a cor anglais line.  This feels a bit unimaginative so I may return to this one in due course.  Arguably the challenge arises in the four-time repeated C sharps in the supplied second part: starting four bars out of a mere 8.





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