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OCA project work: exercise39B descant requested; this is a full arrangement for primary school children

Hark to the cuckoo

Finding the words meant getting a second-hand copy of Maud Karpeles’ “European Folk Songs”.  She partnered and long survived Cecil Sharpe in the collection of folk songs from around the world.

I think this could be quite popular in primary schools.  There are two percussion parts and an optional third voice part to be sung by older children, parents or a teacher (partly hummed).  In this line there is also the opportunity for less tuneful members of the class to make squeaking noises.

Whether the woodsmen came by cart or boat isn’t entirely clear.  The original second verse rather implies a river.  However I can take some poetic licence as only the descant alludes to some of that verse.


Hark to the cuckoo – Full Score

Audio (no words, but including the percussion parts) generated by Sibelius:

Please enquire for permission to use this commercially or reproduce it.





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