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Canonic prayer (Exercise 36 part 2)

A serious canon possibly suitable for church use.  The word arrangement is mine drawing clearly on very old sources.    I varied the words in the final statement.

If I understand this correctly, the counterpoint for a canon has to be ‘invertible’ in that two of the sections will have to act as a temporary bass until the lowest part enters.  This version seems to work despite a momentary second inversion of the tonic chord at bar 9.

The short doubling at bars 12-13 though breaking classical rules doesn’t seem to matter to my ear.

Score (expanded):

Canonic prayer

Audio version (no words unfortunately as generated by Sibelius.  It would be good to hear this sung for real!)

This audio is of the slightly revised version here putting more interest in the initial entry.  To avoid a high G for the bass voice I leave their entry in the original form.

Revised score below:

Canonic prayer

This makes slurring consistent also.







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