Sources, transcriptions and harmony (changes) for sax improvisation

Useful commentary and transcription for Coleman Hawkins on ‘Body and Soul’


Norman Granz intro to the 1950 dubbed duo by Hawkins and Parker: Ballade.  Parker’s solo is well transribed in the Charlie Parker Omnibook (Hal Leonard)

There’s a lot of debate about which changes this was based on  The Ann Rev Jazz Studies reference claims bars 17-32 of “As long as I live”, Arten and Koehler 1934.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeFDhlo8HsU

This is a link for the changes (harmony) of that original song: http://www.songtrellis.com/discuss/viewer$2489

Here also is a link to a useful source on practical woodwind playing, covering the sax family in some detail:


Annual Review of Jazz Studies, Volume 14

edited by Edward Berger, Henry Martin, Evan Spring, George Bassett, Dan Morgenstern


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