Future of this site/ Audio files and scores from ‘Ceremony of Colours’

WordPress charge quite heavily for the right to post audio files so I am going to explore SoundCloud.  If and when I have an active account there I will migrate from here some of my better pieces.  I will not post future music here.

Not sure if audio files will be deleted once my 10Gb upgrade payment lapses, but in case useful, here are audio files (without words) and pdf versions of scores for the three choral/ vocal pieces I have recently composed:

Work in progress from ‘Ceremony of Colours’, due for possible performance on March 3rd 2018 in West Bridgford, Nottingham

Consumimur SSATB:

Consumimur d – Full Score

Daffodils SSATB, piano

Daffodils j – Full Score

Violets (soprano solo, cor anglais, viola)

Violets a – Score and parts





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Performing edition of first movement of Bach 2nd orchestral suite in B minor (Flute Suite)

This is provided as a suggestion for double dotting at the start and end of the overture.


B minor fl suite movt 1 double dotted quavers – Full Score

Audio file you should be able to stream as prompted:

Snippet from original manuscript part showing the possibility of interpreting the hard-to-synchronise three demisemiquavers as a triplet:

The dotted crotchets in bar 2 here are shorthand for double-dotted followed by the semiquaver which is the common demominator for the movement in this ‘French’ overture







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Transcription for string quartet of Froberger Fantasia on the Hexachord

Full score







WAV file generated by Sibelius with parts arrayed across stereo image.  A big file if you download it but try streaming as prompted.

If you use this privately for performance, please credit me for the arrangement, and I retain copyright but will license if you are considering commercial use

Bach chorales from Boyd and Riemenscheider, COMPOSITION PRACTICE, Uncategorized

Boyd chorale exercise 12 in 3/4

The is the tune from Bach ‘O Herzenasangst’; Riemenschneider No 173

My harmonisation attempt adding A, T, B in open score:


As a WAV file generated by Sibelius:

Looking now at the Bach original, he harmonises the ‘-angst’ in a way I would not have guessed, as the third inversion of a dominant seventh, resolving upwards with a jump upwards of a major seventh in the bass line!

Bach’s score


WAV file of Bach harmonisation

Bach chorales from Boyd and Riemenscheider, COMPOSITION PRACTICE, Uncategorized

Bach chorale harmonisation with high trumpet descant

Ths is Boyd exercise 7, Riemenscheider 24 ‘Valet will ich dir geben’, a Palm Sunday hymn.


Bach set this in quite a minor way as a Pietist ‘leavetaking’ but I decided to go back to the original words which translate to ‘Glory, Laud and Honour’ (St Theodulph, 820AD).

This has a very high trumpet part which provisionally I would allocate to a piccolo trumpet in A (not sure yet about the lowest notes as this instrument may need or have an extra valve to extend its range)



WAV file generated from Sibelius

Look out for the German sixth in bar 6!



Bach chorales from Boyd and Riemenscheider, COMPOSITION PRACTICE, Uncategorized

Bach chorale exercise Boyd No 6, Riemenschneider 182 War’ Gott nich mit uns diese Zeit

Completed from the treble line alone:

PDF file


WAV file generated by Sibelius

This chorale has an unusually narrow range of pitch and moves in steps not leaps so I found avoiding parallels harder than usual, and changed key more often than previously to try and keep up the harmonic interest.

Bach’s original:

Interesting diminished 4th leap in the tenor in bar 6

PDF file


WAV file


Bach chorales from Boyd and Riemenscheider, COMPOSITION PRACTICE, Uncategorized

Further Bach chorale exercise worked and compared to original

Riemenscheider 129, Keinen hat Gott verlassen worked from the soprano part alone:

I found this resource for A level and first year university students very helpful and this time wrote  modulations and main cadences first:


Boyd chorale exercise 5; my attempt



WAV audio file generated by Sibelius


Mine version has too many false relations but is I hope ‘singable’.  The final Tierce de Picardie is the one modification I put in after seeing the original BAch’ I’d forgotten about that option!

Bach original:



WAV audio file